DIY KIT MP312-4 (4 channel mic preamp)
DIY KIT MP312-4 (4 channel mic preamp)
290 USD
Shipping: 50 USD
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The kit is in stock now!
I'm happy to introduce my new MP312-4!
For a while I wanted to create a Rack version of API312 mic preamp with 4 channels.
I'm sure people will love it and will be using different Rack modules. It was my idea to create something exciting! 
I hope you will love this new MP312 4 channel mic preamp since it was made based on old API 312 version preamp.
And now you can use four channels per unit! I hope it will be a good reason to select this kit.
I also would like to offer you a selection of two different input transformers. One of them is a vintage replica from AP2622, our TR2622; and another one is a new style transformer BT1019-PCB. The BT1019-PCB was replicated from a new style Jensen (CineMag) input transformer using in the most modern API consoles with 1:10 ratio. 
Combined with the different DOA's it will give you the sound you like.
I will add manual soon.

The MP312-4 DIY kit contains:

  • Metal case (with screws kit)
  • Metal case for power supply
  • PCBs (Main PCB and PCB for power supply)
  • Power transformer (115V or 220V included)
  • Four ps of GAIN potentiometer  
  • Four T-Pad 600ohm attenuator
  • DOA PCB (4ps of 2520 or 1731)


BOM for MP312-4 KIT download>>>

Assemblies Manual MP312-4 two steps:

1) Assemblies Manual MP312-4 (Power Supply) download>>> (coming soon)

2) Assemblies Manual MP312-4 (Mic Preamp)  download>>>


Shipping cost will add into invoice.


 Alessio, 2018-12-08 12:27:22
Hi there, Where can I get this kit complete to build? I'm really interested, thanks

 AVDAUDIO, 2018-12-08 12:34:35
Hello! This kit you can get here. On the website. BOM will be able soon for download.

 Шура, 2019-01-21 11:06:19
Т.е. я покупаю комплект, сам собираю и будет работать? Мне не нужно ничего дополнительно докупать?

 AVDAUDIO, 2019-01-21 11:13:45
Покупать отдельно нужно! Все по списку в BOM и трансформаторы. Если опустить вопрос по сборке. Будьте внимательны, комплект содержит только корпус преампа и блока питания, все платы, потенциометры, трансформатор питания!

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